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Producers & Suppliers

Fredericks is a local fine grocer specialising in selling products from smaller, unique producers. We are located in Bridge Road, Richmond.

For suppliers and producers asking to be stocked in Fredericks, email a portfolio [email protected]

Also submit answers to these questions.

1. Please Provide your trading terms, Fred prefers 30 day accounts.

2. Do you charge Freight and if so the costs or does minimum order apply.

3. How many other stockists of your products are in the general vicinity of Frederick's.

4.  Are you following Fredericks on Facebook and Instagram.

5. Items that are short use by dates, do you offer sale or return.

6. If applicable are you registered with the Council and or Authorities.

7. Does your range contain product and nutritional information on the packaging.

8. Please note Fredericks only stocks products that have bar-codes.

9. Will you promote Frederick's on your Social Media Pages. A good start is to like our FB and Instagram page right away.

10. Are your products in any of the major supermarkets like Coles and Woolworth's, Dan Murphy or their affiliates. If so it would be unlikely we would support your range.

11. Do you provide tasting stock if applicable.

12. Will you provide a suggested start up deal you think would suit the store, including a marketing program to allow your followers the chance to learn your products are available at Frederick's.

This may include an Social Media competition, and cross promotions.

Are you prepared to run an introductory Special on some/all of your products.

If your products are accepted, you will be contacted by our new products team to discuss a marketing plan.

13.  Do you give permission for Frederick's to promote your products on Social Media and use your products on Frederick's on line store if relevant.

14. Do you have images if required, please supply an email address to request the images or liaise with us once your products have been accepted.

15. Invoices MUST accompany deliveries. We do not accepted emailed invoices, this causes our book keeper grief.


Send us your Portfolio. Cut and Paste the questions above and pop them into your email. Fred will reply with our Company profile if that is something we are interested in, which will contain all our business information, if you require a credit app please use these details to fill in as much as possible ready for signing.

We are always happy to consider new products, preferably the more exclusive the better. Products that are in Coles and or Woolworth's are not suitable for this store.

Frederick's requires a hard Copy of  the  invoice accompanying the delivery.


We will consider each application, however if your products are rejected please do not take it personally. We receive a large amount of requests and obviously we can not stock every product.

We keep a log of all requests for future reference. 

Thanks for your interest. Fredericks.melbourne