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The Wild - Berry + Cacao Granola

  • The Wild Effect.

    Sexy somethings. Goji berries are a complete protein source + a rich source of vitamin C to support skin collagen. Buh-bye bad bacteria. Tigernuts are prebiotic root vegetables that are high in fibre + a rich source of protein. A natural beauty. Linseeds improve the quality of hair, skin + nails, while regulating body weight.

    = Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan, No Refined Sugar, Paleo, Grain Free.

  • Nourishing + Metabolism Boosting; Raw activated buckwheat clusters rolled in a sweet cacao + coconut fusion; sprinkled with crunchy coconut chips, dried inca berries, dried goji berries, prebiotic rich tigernuts + a mix of whole nuts + seeds.

  • Eat it.

    Sprinkle onto breakfast bowls - oats, acai bowls + smoothies. Serve as a topping for The Wild Porridge or The Wild Bircher. Sprinkle onto desserts. Or layer with fresh fruit + yoghurt.