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Ausganica Rose Conditioner (250ml)

Acts deep down to repair damaged and split ends, breakage, brittleness, and dullness. Rose Conditioner provides a fast and effective solution to rectify hair problems, nourish and replenish hair fibre & core, supply nutrients, and protect and coat the hair shaft. It improves hair texture, and imparts a pure & divine rose scent.

Made with organic ingredients - Certified by OFC

Rose Centifolia Extract

The Colour Keeper

Our pure Rose Centifolia was extracted at a low temperature to preserve the most precious and delicate scents and fine substances from the organic Rose petals and buds.


Rose Otto Oil

Queen of Flowers

Known as Queen of the Flowers, it is the dearest organic ingredient and also the most effective found in the natural realm. Impress yourself with how beautiful your skin can be with this most precious gift from nature.

Hydrolyzed Rice Protein

Moisture Balancer

Forms a protective film barrier, increasing hairs natural shine and highlights. Also enhances hairs flexibility and tensile strength.

Vitamin E

Hair Essential

A building block of healthy hair, Vitamin E imparts shine and prolongs hair life from root to tip.

Aloe Vera

Frizz Fighter

Organically detangles hair and prevents frizz, making hair easy for styling. Helps gently ease most scalp discomfort.


Hair Wake-up Refresher

Seals as it cleanses. Cranberry juice is very acidic, working in a similar fashion to lemon juice or vinegar rinses, which closes/seal the hair cuticle; making it appear healthy and shiny.


The Scalp Healer

Helps skin heal itself. Long a staple ingredient of European herbal medicine, rosemary is a wonderful skin healer and purifier and also helps prevent balding.

Jojoba Oil

The Moisture Holder

Super lubricant. Jojoba is a great lubricant and a superior non-greasy moisturizer. Original used as a replacement for sperm whale oil in cosmetics, it is now a common ingredient in high-end skincare because of its ability to allow skin to retain a beautiful natural moisture.