Kreol Probiotic Drinks (330ml)

Kréol Sparkling is derived from an apple cider vinegar drink known as Switchel, which originated in the Caribbean before making its way to North America in the 1700's. Long before there were sugar filled energy drinks and sports drinks, Switchel was the drink of choice. Kréol has transformed this age old recipe into a unique health drink which is great for you and has a really refreshing taste.

Kréol's hero ingredient, apple cider vinegar contains friendly bacteria that help alkalise the body and aid digestion. Kréol's apple cider vinegar is bio-dynamically farmed on the Mornington Peninsula. Combined with our active ingredients, Kréol is a powerful drink, rich in prebiotics, electrolytes and vitamins to help cleanse and detoxify you from the inside out.


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