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PL&V Coconut Oil (1LT)

There is a reason coconut oil has reached celebrity status, and it’s not just its delicious taste! A natural source of (good) saturated fat, packed with nutrition and a fantastic alternative to plant based oils. With a slight nutty taste, this versatile oil can be added to sweet or savoury dishes and is a great addition to your morning smoothie!

You’ll love PL&V’s Coconut Oil because it is the chameleon of oils! A high smoke point makes it ideal for cooking, PLUS you can also use it on your body and in your hair for all over nourishment!

PL&V’s raw oil is 100% Australian Certified Organic and is made by HACCAP certified suppliers in Sri Lanka. By using a centrifuge filtration system they ensure their oil is free from impurities and of the best quality available.