Royal nut company Raw Australian Whole Cashews (1kg)

A very pleasant crescent! With their light golden colour, characteristic crescent shape and distinctive flavour, cashews are one of our most versatile nuts. They’re also one of the most unusual! Cashews are actually seeds that grow on the outside of cashew apples, the pulp of which is very juicy, but the skin is fragile, making it unsuitable for transport.

 Originally grown in Brazil, Cashews are now also grown in Vietnam, India, Africa and in smaller quantities, in Australia. We source only the highest quality of cashews. There are about 20 different grades and we supply WW grade (Whole White) as they are without blemish. We also supply the largest kernels available and we do not accept any of the smaller grades. We guarantee you the highest quality, that have been hand-sorted, and the freshest cashew nuts available in Australia!