The Wild - Lemon + Blueberry Bircher

  • The Wild Effect.

    Natural healing power. Lemon detoxifies, improves liver function, kills intestinal parasites + is a mild diuretic. Clear mind. Blueberries are nature's aspirin; relieves dis-ease, supports the brain + cleanses the arteries, enhances memory, improves eyesight, lowers risk of some cancers. Work from the inside out. Millet is packed with amino acids to build protein in the body.

    = Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan, No Added Sugar, High Fibre, Low GI.

  • Babe'n berry; detoxifying + healing; Quinoa, amaranth + millet delicately rolled alongside crispy coconut + brown rice flakes; infused with pure lemon essential oil + speckled with wild blueberries + mixed seeds.

  • Eat it.

    Soak in equal parts apple juice, nut milk or coconut water (Soak; 20 minutes to overnight). Or heat on stovetop with two times liquid. Serve with fresh or poached fruit, yoghurt, honey or pure maple syrup. Sprinkle with The Wild Muesli, Crumble or Granola.