The Wild - Vanilla + Chia Porridge

  • The Wild Effect.

    Morning Glory. Vanilla bean is a natural aphrodisiac; it reduces stress, anxiety + helps aid weight loss. Let's face it. Chia seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids to reduce wrinkles + plump up your skin. All day + night. Brown rice stabilises blood sugar levels + protects your heart, while helping to prevent cancer + kidney stones.

    = Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan, No Added Sugar, Fruit Free, Low GI.

  • Vanilla Splice; cleanses the heart + boosts brain function; Pure wholegrain brown rice, quinoa, amaranth + millet sautéed in a creamy vanilla + coconut spliced fusion; sprinkled with a wholesome serving of pure chia seeds - to chia you up alright!

  • Eat it.

    Heat on stove-top with two times water or nut milk until warm. Serve with fresh or poached fruit, yoghurt, raw honey or maple syrup. Sprinkle with The Wild Muesli, Crumble or Granola.