In 1857, Frederick Porritt occupied 231 Bridge from a shop and a tent. He was a fruiterer.  We suspect he grew fruit and vegetables and sold them from his site.  How things have changed. 

Today the might of Coles and Woolworths control the food market. They manipulate the farmers and suppliers and put small businesses out of business for the sake of their corporate greed.

Even Thomas Dux is owned by Woolworths.

I wonder if Mr Porritt used chemicals and large long term refrigeration to serve his customers. I am confident he did not.

The site was then used by the National Bank of Australasia. The façade is protected by Heritage Victoria.

Prior to the current re-development which includes the Abacus residential apartments, the store was a clothing store.

In 2014 it's back to the future and the site will be returned to a fine grocer, supporting Australian only products in an environmentally friendly store.  (See our environment statement).

Thank you, Mr Frederick Porritt. Your name has been honoured in Bridge Road some 157 years since you occupied the site. 

Fredericks Richmond.